About me

Hello and welcome to 'Gertie's makes and bakes'.

Ever since I can remember my hands have always been busy making, and more recently, baking, things.

When I was young we (my older sister and I) were never allowed to utter the immortal words “I’m bored !!!”. We always had to find something to keep us occupied during evenings, weekends and school holidays.

With my sister it was mainly drawing and art work. For me, it was needle and craft work (baking came later). Thankfully my Mam had a passion for needlework so she was my teacher. I wasn't the easiest of pupils to teach as I'm left handed and she's right handed. We managed, though my techniques aren't found in any textbooks !!!

When I was at school I wanted to take my love of all things needlework further and become a needlework teacher. Sadly that never happened. At the end of my second year at senior school needlework was taken off the school curriculum so that was that…

As I mentioned earlier baking came later in my life. When I was choosing my options at the end of the third year at school, the Domestic Science teacher told me in no uncertain terms that I was not allowed back into her kitchens. I wasn't that bad. Honest !!!

I picked up the baking bug when I got married and could become Mistress in my own kitchen. Not only do I love baking but I also love reading cookery books. It wouldn’t be Christmas or Birthday if cookery books weren’t on the present list for Santa or the Birthday Bunny....

Why the blog. I've been looking for a place to store my photo's, recipes, bits and bobs, etc. of all things making and baking, so thought 'Gertie's makes and bakes' blog would be perfect.

*Gertie, by the way, is the name of my tailors dummy.  She’s rather flattered to have a blog named after her….