Monday, 21 January 2013

Glasses case

Glasses case and lens cloth cover

When I got my reading glasses they came in the horrible case you get given free from the Opticians. 

There was an excuse if ever I needed one to get sewing. I looked through my craft books to see if they had any glasses case I could make or adapt. There were a couple but I wasn’t keen on them – too old fashioned….

Out came my trusty left handed tape measure (yes there is such a thing !!!!) and I did some measuring. Then using graph paper I plotted out the pattern. 

The needlework stitches I’d decided to use were ‘Rhodes stitch’, worked over 10 threads, and ‘cross stitch’ worked over three threads. The wool wasn’t anything fancy, just ordinary double knitting. 

After cutting out a piece of 12 hole tapestry canvas and allowing a generous seam allowance, the edges were then taped with masking tape to stop them from fraying. 

Once the needlework had been finished I stitched the case together. Using some cream fabric I made the lining then hand stitched it to the cover. Finally I stitched a press-stud to the top of the case to stop the glasses from falling out.

I made the lens cloth cover exactly the same way as the glasses case.

Gertie xx


  1. These look really effective. Enjoy using them :)

  2. Both cases look very stylish is one colour.

  3. These are great! And much nicer than those free ones you get.

  4. Your stitching is beautiful. I must have a go at this one day. The little bit of embroidery (or rather fine cross stitch) I did for Handmade Monday this week is nowhere near as complicated :)

  5. They look fab - much better than the opticians' cases!