Sunday, 24 March 2013

A bag of scraps

As promised, the Rev Newton gave my mam a ‘good send off’ at her funeral on Monday.  There were tears but also lots of laughter as he regaled stories about her life.

Now that both my parents are gone (my dad died nine years ago) my sister and I have the horrible task of breaking up the family home. It seems so disrespectful to reduce my mam’s home to ‘keep, charity shop, bin’.

Once Monday was out of the way I got back into my sewing room with a vengeance. I finished off a bag which I started a couple of weeks ago. All the fabric used in the bag came once again from my scrap box. Old blue curtains were used for the main fabric, whilst cream sheeting which I use for making toiles when I’m dressmaking, was the lining fabric. The patchwork fabric was just bits of everything.

Flap A

Flap B

The bag has two different flaps, B was made up of thirty six 2 inch squares stitched together to form a checkerboard pattern. After ‘stitching in the ditch’, a set of three diagonal strips were quilted over the squares.

Flap A was a little more complex – for a quilting novice like me anyway…..  Four 6 inch blocks were sewn together then I quilted diagonal strips and random zigzags on the two ‘four-patch star’ blocks.

Two strips of eight 2 inch squares were stitched to the back and front of the bag – you can just see them on the photos behind the flaps. As I wasn’t interested in having a movable bag strap, I simply made it in one piece.

Have a great week.

Gertie xx

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  1. Flap A is great! I like this kind of patchwork and have been reading how to make different shapes instead of just ordinary squares as I like the patterns, just like your bag.

  2. A funeral is not only a time to say goodbye it is also a time to celebrate a life, family funerals often have laughter as a way of remembering the good times, it's not an easy time but I'm glad everything went as it was planned. The memory quilt is a great idea.
    The bag is lovely, I like the blues, it's a great way to use up bits of everything.

    Jan x

  3. Love all those blues on your bag.

  4. Glad your mam's send-off went well. Very difficult and sad going through our parents belongings, so many reminders of good times spent together. Your bag looks lovely, the fabric is gorgeous. Hope you have a good week.

  5. Those stars from flap A are very eye catching and unusual. A lovely bag. I really admire your thriftiness.

  6. Very difficult to clear out someone's home like that - I remember helping clear my granny's and it was horrid! But I love the memory quilt idea, and this bag is beautiful :-)

  7. It does feel bad having to clear out someone's home when they've passed away, especially when it's close family. Love how you've done the patchwork, especially the different patterns on flap A.

  8. Flap A is wonderful - great colours and patterns!
    My husband and I found it difficult to "clear out" his parents house after his mother died 9 years ago - so we bought the house!

  9. I'm sure you did what is best for your mum's belongings. It is a hard job. I like the blues in the patchwork, you've done a good job.

  10. What a gorgeous bag! I love the stars flap :-) I cannot imagine how upsetting the process must be for you & your sister - I hope you are able to enjoy some of the memories your Mum's house must throw up. Take care, Simmi x

  11. The bag you have made in the different blue shades looks perfect. The patchwork blends well too. Hope you find some consolation in your sewing. It's a bittersweet time sorting through a loved ones belongings and possessions.
    Wendy x

  12. Love the bag, lots of work in that one! Sounds like your mum was given a perfect send-off. Hold on to the memories, they will always be with you :)