Sunday, 7 April 2013

Birthday rucksack

Front of rucksack

In last Sunday's blog I mentioned the tote bag I made as a birthday present for my friend Jenny. This time it’s the bag I made for her the following year.

A couple of weeks before her birthday I asked if there was any kind of bag she would like me to make. Showing me her battered rucksack she asked if I could make something like that. I don’t see why not I replied, so took some measurements and did a rough drawing of the rucksack.

As her rucksack had inside pockets I asked if she would like some putting into the lining of her new one. She did, one big enough for her mobile phone plus two to keep her diary and pen in.

Taking some graph paper I marked out the various pattern pieces to see how much fabric I would need to buy. I could have got it out of ¾ metre – just – but to be on the safe side I ordered one metre of fabric.

Like her last bag it had cats on it. Because her bag was only going to be 12 inches high I didn’t want the pattern on the fabric to be fussy or too big.  Cottonpatch’s website had just the thing – Urban Zoo Pink Kitties.

Back of rucksack

I did a quick mock-up of the rucksack in sheeting fabric and once I was happy with it, I made the bag for real.

I’m pleased to report that Jenny was over the moon with her new rucksack. Shame really as I could quite easily have kept it !!!!

Have a great week.

Gertie xx

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  1. That's one amazing rucksack - I love it, and clever you for making it. I'll bet she loves it!

  2. You seem to have the knack of finding really cool fabric.

  3. I always have a mental block when it comes to sewing but admire those who do it well (as well as being a tad jealous!) This is brilliant and I love the fabric!

  4. oooh you are clever this is gorgeous! Your friend must think that you give the best presents ever :) x

  5. Cute bag! I love the kitty fabric!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  6. Not surprised Jenny is pleased with her bag - it is lovely and the material is gorgeous., Hope you have a good week.

  7. My goodness, you are SO clever! The bag is wonderful and I simply adore the fabric. Well done you - you desreve a Best Friend Award I think!

  8. Not surprised she was over the moon, something she needed as well as being beautiful!

  9. Ohhh it's gorgeous! Well done for making such a lovely & sturdy looking bag :-) Simmi x

  10. It looks like you bought it!! No wonder your friend was so pleased with it.

  11. Fab fabric! A mock up is a very good thing to do and something I should have done before trying to create something recently- it looked great in my head but I wasted some great fabric by making it out straight into my campervan fabric!

  12. Lovely rucksack. I can see why you wouldn't have minded if you could have kept it!!