Sunday, 24 August 2014

Taking a break

I should have called this post ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ as no sooner had I blogged about being AWOL, then I go missing for again!!!!

Last weekend we were down in Nottingham for our friends’ birthday. I’m pleased to report that both birthday girls (see my last post) were delighted with their bags. Jan was really guilty about how long hers took to make. Sadly Fiona couldn’t make the party so I had to pop hers in the post.

As I’ve been franticly sewing morning, noon and night for these past few weeks I thought I could do with a little break away from all things fabric. Mr Gertie is pleased as he thinks I’ve been spending too much time sewing and is worried that I’ll sicken myself with it.

Seeing as all things fabric and sewing machines are banned it’s given me a chance to catch up with things that shamefully I’ve been neglecting.

I’m always looking out for new recipes, so whenever I see something I like in magazines or newspapers, I tear it out to be filed (eventually) in my various recipe folders.

This ever growing pile of recipes was waiting to be photocopied or trimmed down into plastic wallet size. While the guillotine was out I did the same thing to the stack of cross stitch patterns I’ve been collecting.

Talking of cross stitch, over the years I’ve amassed loads of threads from various kits and freebies. It seemed a shame to get rid of them as they’d be ideal for when I need just a small amount of thread for a project.

The plan is to sort them into the various colour groups then make some cardboard thread sorters to keep them together. Let’s hope I have better luck making the sorters than the last time I made some. All went well until I noticed that not only had I punched holes in the cardboard but into the bottom of my t-shirt too....

A couple of years ago I bought an airfix model making kit of Wallace and Gromit (I was looking for something different to keep me occupied) and that lead me to enjoy model making. Having made all the Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep kits available Mr Gertie suggested I try upping the ante and make something a little more challenging.

I didn’t fancy making the traditional tanks or soldiers so decided to make HMS Bounty. After finishing that I then set myself a huge challenge - a four foot model of the cruise ship Queen Mary II.

 I wouldn’t say it’s big but the instructions make ‘War and Peace’ look like a coffee break book.... Not only do I have to contend with bits being on the large size, I’ve also got to deal with things being rather small.

These are some of the cabin balconies. There are 478 in total, each requiring the floor being painted brown and the sides and window panes gloss white. All that in just a ¼ inch...  

I don’t make things easy for myself, do I!!!!

Have a great week.

Gertie xx

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  1. getting organised eh? i have a folder but need another one soon oops :P good luck with sorting out the thread (oh and the ship) love abit of muticrafting x

    1. I can be a little OCD when it comes to organising - just ask Mr Gertie..... xx

  2. I'm always organising and reorganising things, and like you I often have piles of stuff waiting for me to sort them out, good luck with getting it all sorted.

  3. I have all the intentions to get organised but never actually get past the 'sorting into piles' point! Can't believe you are actually going to paint all those fiddly minute balconies!! Well done for patience and determination if you do!!

  4. Oh my, your ship building is going to keep you out of mischief for a while! What a great project though and well done for doing a bit of tidying! lol xx

  5. Sounds like you have been having lots of fun. I'm excited to see more of your shipbuilding skills. I hope you're having a fabulous week. I would have posted to my blog but I'm in Hawaii with the family this week. Take care.