Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Open for business

Gertie’s Bags is now officially open!!!!

I had hoped to be up and running by the end of October. However the British weather wasn’t playing ball so the dull weather meant the bags couldn’t be photographed.

There’re only a small number of bags for sale. Sadly lack of storage space meant there isn’t the room at home for loads of stock. Plus if things don’t go well with Gertie’s business then I don’t end up with lots of unsold bags.

Before he retired Mr Gertie worked for a large multi-national retail company so he must have been bored ridged with me keep asking him questions or for advice.

One really good bit of advice from Mr Gertie was testing out the ordering process. That way, I could see the order through both as a customer and as a seller and check that everything was working ok.

On Folksy you’re able to see sold items, and as all Gertie’s Bags are unique, I simply couldn’t buy a bag then relist it. To get round that problem I put up for sale a bag I’d made ages ago and bought that one instead.

I’m pleased to say that everything worked out fine. All I need now is real customers.....

Gertie xx

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