Sunday, 15 February 2015

A round up of the news

So, what’s to report since I last blogged. 

I was drastically running out of storage space in the workroom so had a massive clearout. Even though it’s only a small room, it was full of stuff (I even found two dolls belonging to my niece and she’s 27 now....), so it took several days to get through it all. It was well worth it though as I now have space. Yippee!!!!

On the sewing front there’s still an awful lot of fabric left from Mr Gertie’s work shirts so I looked around for ideas to use them in another quilt (or several....). There was a lot of blue fabric in the work shirt collection so one pattern really stood out. The lighter shades came from Mr Gertie’s shirts, the darker colours were bits of fabric I had lying around.

It’s not quite finished. I’ve still got the backing fabric and the actual quilting to, but at least it gives you an idea of what it’ll look like completed.

For Christmas Mr Gertie got some new photography equipment, and as he needed to test them out, I suggest my bags would be perfect for this. It was a win-win situation as he got to play with his Christmas toys and I got some updated photos for eBay and Etsy.

Speaking of eBay, I’ve had another sale!!!!! A large make up bag. That really put the nail in the coffin for the Folksy shop as it’s hardly getting any viewings.  So, I’ve moved all that stock over to my new Etsy shop. It’s only been up and running two days but has had more viewings in that short time than Folksy had since it opened.

I’m still ploughing my way thought various books about selling online, and in particular, promoting via social network, as that seems to be the way forward. As I’ve mentioned before I’m a total social network phobic so might have to employ a teenager to do my marketing for me!!!!!

When I mentioned to my sister that I was setting up ‘Gertie’s Bags’, she asked if I was going to give away any freebies with every order.  I can see where she was coming from as I’ve often received little gifts (key rings, sweets etc) when I’ve bought things online and it does seem good PR. 

I ran the idea past Mr Gertie but he thought it was a waste of time and effort. He can’t see why I make little matching fabric key ring purses that are attached to the zips of all the larger bags. What do you think? Do you give your customers little freebies, and if so what? If I did go down the freebie route it would be only something simple, like a fabric bookmark, which would take no time at all to make.

Have a great week.

Gertie xx

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  1. First of all, well done on having a clear out! I think we could all benefit from doing that! Lol. Your quilt looks fab, you must be a quick sewer. Maybe I'm a bit mean but personally I wouldn't give out freebies, a nice little thank you tag would suffice! Xx

  2. Your quilt looks lovely. You must be really making a hole in your stash especially with the clear out. I wouldn't give a freebie, after all you don't get something when you buy from a high street store. I offer a discount on next orders, maybe that's something to consider.
    Ali xx

  3. Having a clear out is very satisfying isn't it?! Lovely to have space to sew too:)!! Re Etsy I would definitely recommend working out your postage costs to enable you to sell overseas, most of my sales come from the USA. I make a fabric bunting card with a discount code for future purchases to include with all sales. As a purchaser I personally would prefer a handwritten note thanking me for my purchase as opposed to a freebie.

  4. Your quilt is just wonderful. I love the grading of the colours. Perhaps I can persuade Mr Ginx to throw out some of his shirts. I sometimes knit a little daisy and tie it to the packaging when I make a sale through Etsy. It doesn't take long, and I think people really like a little extra gift.

  5. Love the Quilt design and tonals! GREAT Job!

  6. Love the quilt and the blues are stunning. I do give a gift with every purchase a small organza lavender sachet tied with ribbon and a rose bud added. I know the US market always does this plus in China they tend to give a gift with a purchase, cannot remember the ethos behind it atm. I think if small then go for it will make you more memorable.

  7. A beautiful quilt, I loev how the colours blend together. I add a coupon code on a handwritten thank you note for orders.

  8. What a fantastic quilt, you have been busy! Well done on the sale too, its always so encouraging when someone chooses to buy one of your creations isn't it :) I think little freebies sound like a lovely idea, especially if they help to promote your brand x

  9. That quilt looks wonderful. I love the graduation of the colours. I'm not sure about the online 'gift' idea but I do think a functional added item such as your little key ring purses create your own identity and make your items stand out from the others. Just a thought :)

  10. Hello. I so admire your quilting skills. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful with it's amazing pattern. Congrats on your Etsy store. I'm so happy for you. I'm sure your customers are happy too after they receive their beautiful bags made by you!

  11. Love a good clear out! I've just done my wardrobe today and I feel like I've been detoxing!

    Congratulations on your sale! Why do you think your Folksy shop hasn't been as successful as Etsy and eBay?


  12. I think a free gift is a good idea if you get it right! I have had earrings as a freebie which I hated! I like 'pretty' paper and ribbon as I can then reuse it. I would personally love a little purse gift to match a handbag so I think you are on the right lines there. I've had far more sales on Folksy than Etsy - even when the same product is on both sites!