Sunday, 8 May 2016

The passing of time

It’s true what they say – the older you get, the more time passes by so quickly. I can’t believe my last post was January.

As I mentioned last time my physical health still isn’t good. The pain management clinic I was attending suggested I try a course of acupuncture for my back.

I’m not a big fan of alternative medicine (it’s all a bit too hippy and new aged), however my back pain was horrendous so I was willing to give it ago. I had about 12 sessions and it did ease the pain a little, though how it works is still a mystery to me.

I certainly don’t like this getting old business – seven changes of sweaty bed clothes every night is not funny!!!  I’m still waiting for my HRT to kick in as it’s supposed to be the wonder pill for all things menopausal so anytime now would be good....

Trying to fit in sewing whenever my back is having one of its very rare pain-free moments and when I’m not exhausted, has been few and far between. However I did manage to get some made for Gertie’s Bags and I’ve even got a product – beach bags.

Large beach hut print beach bag, holiday bag, vacation bag, extra large tote bag by Gertie's Bags

 Large beach hut print beachLarge multi-coloured spiral bag, holiday bag, vacation bag, extra large tote bag by Gertie's Bags

They should all be up on Etsy and eBay in the next few days.

Till the next time

Gertie xx

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  1. I haven't popped by to see you in so long and I'm sorry to hear your not well. I'm totally opposite to you I really do make use of alternative medicine. If fact I worked with a anaesthetist who practised acupuncture and I know lots of people say it's helped their backs. Glad to see your still busy sewing, beautiful bags and I love the beach hut fabric.

    Take care Ali xx