Monday, 9 January 2017

Fabric challenge

When my mam died four years ago I inherited her sewing things. Whilst I’ve made use of most of the items I haven’t done much with all her quilting fabric.

Shortly after she died I finished off the quilts she had started, or was about to, and gave them to the charity she had intended them to go. However the rest of the fabric hasn’t really been touched.

I thought it was time I did something about it so I’ve set myself a challenge to try and make use of some of it (I can’t say all as there is a lot....). I don’t want to profit from the things I make using the fabric so they won’t become Gertie’s Bags. I decided they would be turned into quilts and given to charity.

Our new next door neighbour is a Pastor and he mentioned doing work for the elderly and homeless. As I’d already made four quilts out of John’s old work shirts looking for a good home, I asked if he could make use of them. He said yes so I’ve decided that any quilts I make from my mam’s fabric will go to him. 

Gertie xx

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