Friday, 8 February 2013

I've caught the bug

When we went on our cruise in 2011 my Mam made me a lovely small quilted tote bag to keep my needlework and reading glasses in. 

I was looking for another bag project to do after catching the patchwork bug from my first bag.

“See what you think of this book”, said my Mam, handing me Lisa Bergene’s ‘Patchwork with Pizazz’ book, “I used it to make your tote bag”.

Inside were 60 quilts and bags to make. Although the quilts were lovely, it was the bags that I was interested in. There were loads of different bags of all shapes and sizes, ranging from simple to difficult to make. As I was just starting quilting I chose a simply ‘make up’ bag.

Looking through my scrap box I found some fabric that had come from a camisole top which I thought would be perfect.

If I’m honest the fabric wasn’t the best choice as it had quite a bit of stretch in it.

The finished quilting block was anything but straight….. However as the bag isn't going to be on show I'm not bothered.

It was meant to fasten with a zip but I didn’t have one small enough so just used press studs instead.

The bag has now found a use by becoming my sewing bag. It’s perfect for looking after the small items I use regularly when I’m sewing - needles, seam ripper, tape measure, plasters… 

Gertie xx

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