Monday, 19 August 2013

A dash for freedom

Many thanks for the crocheting advice following last weeks blog. I've decided to ask the Birthday Bunny for one or two hooks for now then progress (maybe with Santa's help.....) to a crocheting set later.

We were back down in London on Tuesday for my hip op. The Professor explained that there were two options to fix the problem: the easy option which would only require a day or two in hospital or the hard option with a minimum stay of eight days. Yikes !!!!!

Chester and Frank keeping me company while I wait for my op

All of us, the Prof included, hoped it would be the easy option. However he wouldn't know until he opened me up which one it would be.

I was first on the Prof's evening theatre list (7pm....) so had plenty to keep me occupied until my op.

To everyone’s relief the Prof was able to perform the easy option which meant that my hip was now much more stable than before. So on Wednesday Sarah, one of the physios, got me up walking – actual walking !!!! Having not been able to put any weight on my leg for four years it was an amazing feeling.

Everything was going great for me to leave hospital on Thursday. Then three hours before we were due to catch our train my wound started to bleed quite heavily. Agnes, my nurse, called the Prof who came immediately. It was now 50/50 whether I would be able to go home that day.

The Prof asked what time our train was. 1.30pm, but as we required assistance getting on the train, we had to be at Kings Cross twenty five minutes before hand.

He had to dash into theatre so instructed Agnes to put a pressure dressing on my hip. He would then come back to see me around the time we would be due to leave to say either yes or no.

True to his word, still in full theatre scrubs, he came back at 12.45pm and checked the wound again. He would discharge me on one condition. I had to let my body heal slowly so had to promise to take it extremely easy at all times. His departing words were he did not want to see me on the ward again.....

So, if I thought the past six weeks were tough not doing anything, in the words of Al Jolson, 'you ain't seen nothing yet' !!!!

Have a great week.

Gertie xx

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  1. Oh Gertie, how frustrating for you but super exciting to be doing some walking after 4 years. I know how boring taking it easy can be, but it seems you've got quite a few projects you can do whilst resting. Take care of yourself x x

  2. Lots of get wells heading your way - you can read all the blogs on HM to keep you occupied! Get well soon, Jo x

  3. Hope you're recovering well after your hip op. I had mine 6 weeks ago now and am now up and about and very active - Just been to my Physio session. I even cycled there and back. I spent a bit of time crocheting during my recovery. I finally finished the dress I made and wore it on Sunday. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    1. I'm so glad your hip op went well. Don't over do it though....

      Crocheting, like cross stitch or needlework, is so easy to stuff in a bag and take with you, so it's ideal for hospital etc. Your dress, by the way, is beautiful xx

  4. It's a long road, but you'll get there in the end! Best wishes xx

  5. Great to hear that the easy option won. Bit of drama though with the bleeding. I hope it heals up quickly for you.

  6. Oh I was so glad to hear it was the easy option. Let's hope that the worst is over and your now on the mend. It must have seemed really strange being able to stand on your leg after so long. Can't wait to see what you'll be creating while you rest up.
    Take care. Ali x

    1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the worse is over too xx

  7. love the pic, you look very happy and relaxed considering you're awaiting an operation! Great news that you got to have a go at walking, that must have been an amazing feeling! I hope having had a taste of what's to come will help you cope with the recovery phase. Can't wait to see your crochet :) x

  8. Speedy recovery! Hope all pans out well for you and you will be able to enjoy walking, jumping and dancing ;)

  9. Great to hear you made it home :)
    Keep going with the taking it easy!

  10. I didn't blog this week but thought I'd catch up with a few from HM.
    It was good that the op was the easy option, you must of been really worried about being kept in again, now feet up and take care.

    Jan x

  11. Ohhhh I'm glad you were able to have the "easy" option, but hope that you're not getting too bored doing nothing!! Take care, Simmi xx