Sunday, 11 August 2013


With my birthday coming up in a months time Mr Gertie asked what the Birthday Bunny could get me.

There isn't really much I'd like this year as I'm not in much of a birthday mood what with everything going on hip-wise (I'm a bit anxious about going back into hospital on Tuesday).

I would love some new clothes but shopping isn't very practical at the moment so Mr Gertie's kindly going to put some money aside for later.

What I have said I wouldn't mind is some crochet hooks as I'd like to learn how to crochet more than just granny squares.

Would it be best to buy the hooks individually or in a set? I've seen lots of sets but they vary tremendously in price. 

What wool will I need to use? Ordinary knitting wool (double knit/4 ply etc) or is there special crocheting wool.

Is there anything else a beginner will need? Any help will be gratefully received !!!

Have a great week.

Gertie xx

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  1. Fraid I can't help you at all on the crochet front, just wanted to wish you luck for Tuesday! Simmi xx

  2. Don't know anything about crochet, I'm afraid, but I think it's a great idea to have crafty presents.

    Good luck with your week,
    Alison x

  3. I shall be waiting patiently for any advice you get, I'd love to try crochet too. I'm really sorry you're having to go back into hospital, but I hope it all goes well and you'll be back home recovering soon.

  4. aww good old Mr Gertie - always nice for a girl to know there are new clothes on the horizon :)

    I know nothing about crochet so no advice to offer there, i wish you all the best with your new crafting venture though and for your op on Tuesday too! xxx

  5. I'm no crochet expert (in fact can't do it at all!) but when we were selling them in a shop I was working in we rarely sold them as sets. There are so many different types it must be hard to know where to start.
    Good luck on Tuesday

  6. Firstly, I hope everything goes well on Tuesday, Gertie - fingers and toes crossed for you. The crochet hooks sound a nice pressie to start off the pressie list with. Hope you have a good week and come home soon.

  7. I can't offer much advice I'm afraid. But I have found myself wanting to learn to crochet recently, so I'm way behind you.

  8. Here's hoping everything goes as planned on Tuesday. As far as crochet hooks goes, I have bought sets, and individual hooks, depending on the project I was doing, and whether or not they were on sale other times! I have the basic kind, but now there are all kinds of designer ones sold online and in stores. I think it is mostly up to an individuals taste.

  9. I would just get one hook and ordinary acrylic yarn probably in the 99p shop. Then you can have a practise and see if you like and progress from there. (think you will find tho that you will get addicted!)

  10. forgot to say that there are loads of Youtube vids for crochet beginners.

  11. Good luck for tomorrow xx a size 5 or 5.50 and some double knit or thicker is good - especially in a wool which changes colour then you could knit a lap blanket/bed cover and it's not boring with multi-coloured wool! I specially like using bamboo hooks as they feel nice to use.

  12. Hi Gertie, I taught myself to crochet and it was so much fun. I would start out with a solid color (not a dark color) DK weight or aran weight yarn. A good all around size hook is a 5 or 6. There's some wonderful wooden crochet hooks out now. I haven't used one but I do use wooden knitting needles and I love them. Have fun and take care.

  13. Hi Gertie

    I'm a beginner at crocheting - Ive already managed to squirrel away some of the crochet stash. Mine is made of: a few crochet magazines, a crochet bible (very useful to have a reliable source of information), various yarns (I also use for knitting) and threads like cotton threads to make doilies etc. I've got a wide collection of metal, wooden and plastic crochet hooks collected as freebies from magazines or bought at car boots sales and in charity shops. If you want to buy a set of crochet hooks go for the metal ones as I had some wooden ones and broke one or two being pulling the yarn too tightly. I think the most standard crochet hooks size is 3.00, 3.5 and 4.00 :)
    hope this helps :)

    a set like this will be a great birthday present x