Sunday, 27 October 2013

Bits and bobs

I'm pleased to say that the quilts (and teddies) have gone to a new home. Sadly I didn't have any contact details for the women's shelter where my mam's quilts were originally intended so just thought I'd try and find someone who would take make use of them.

I'd found a place and was about to email them when I thought I'd try one more time on the internet to see if I could find the shelter. Still no joy, but I wasn't giving up, so rang a women's shelter here in Sunderland to see if they could help.

I briefly explained about the quilts and was totally expecting the woman on the other end of the phone to say she'd never heard of such a thing. However she replied that she knew all about them and could remember receiving quilts from my mam.

They would love to have them, and the comfort teddies as they give every child who comes into the shelter a gift, and gave me the address of the shelter where my mam's quilts would have been sent, so we could drop them off.

Whilst I would have happy for the quilts to have gone to another charity, I'm delighted to have been able to donate them to the place where they were meant to go.

Following my last post I was asked what new project I was going to do now that the quilts were finished. Being me I wasn't going to settle for just one !!!! So here's what I'm working on at the moment and what I've got planned for the coming weeks.

A laptop bag. There's still the wadding, linings and the handles to attach.

Next on the project list is some Christmas bunting. I'm making two - one with large and small snowmen and the other spelling out 'let it snow'. While I was waiting for the fabric I'd bought online to arrive I made a start on cutting out the felt snowmen and 'let it snow' letters.

Once the bunting is finished I'm planning using the left over fabric from my laptop bag and the other Scotty dog fabric to start building up a stock of bags ready for when my new business venture goes live next Autumn.

Have a great week.

Gertie xx

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  1. I love how we all can't just have one project on the go! The scotty dog fabric looks a gorgeous rich deep orange on my screen - wondering if it is or really red? How wonderful to find the 'right' place for the quilts, now you have fulfilled all your mam's intentions, well done for sticking with it. xx

    1. The fabric is actually a deep red. The red bunting fabric has photographed pretty accurately. How bizarre !!! xx

  2. Ah, that's so lovely that the quilts will be going where your Mam originally intended them to - I'm so glad! It's amazing how other people's stories can really touch you. The Scottie fabrics are lovely x

  3. What a great ending to a great story. So pleased for you. Your laptop bag fabric is lovely and I cannot wait to see the bunting as it develops. xx

  4. I love the little dogs on your fabric. Lovely that the quilts ended up where they were originally intended.

  5. aww that's so lovely that the quilts have found their way to the shelter your Mam intended, it was obviously meant to be!

    The laptop bag looks fab (gorgeous fabric!) and the bunting too, how exciting that you are planning a new business! x

  6. That is lovely - I am sure your Mam would be so pleased and proud of you. Lots of lovely planned makes - looking forward to seeing them. Hope you have a good week.

  7. Well done for being able to track down the original intended destination for the quilts and teddies. It must feel great to know that you've sent them to the place that your mum intended. Can't wait to see your bunting.

  8. Your doggie fabrics are gorgeous - can't wait to see the finished bags. And your bunting will look fabulous when its finished x

  9. Quite a bit of luck finding the right shelter at the last moment. Could the Christmas angels be visiting early or maybe a friendly ghost for Halloween?

    I love the scotty dog fabric you've used for the laptop bag.