Thursday, 23 November 2017

Cake addict - part 2

I'd been looking through my recipe books and a chocolate cake by Nigella Lawson caught my eye. I casually mentioned to my mam that I'd like to give it a try so she suggested I baked it at hers the next time I came through to see her.

Good idea in principal but not necessarily in practice as ever since my dad died my mam stopped cooking and baking so I had to bring everything with me (ingredients, measuring scales, 2lb loaf tin etc).

I got the cake baked but as it had to be cooled completely in the tin before turning it out I had to leave it at my mams.

When I visited the following Friday I asked about the cake. She took both hands, then quickly dropped them to the floor saying 'zrum'. My mam was very much into exaggerate movements (or amateur dramatics as we used to call it,) so I deduced that she meant the cake was heavy.

“What did it taste like”, I asked.
“It wasn't really very nice”, she admitted.
“Ah well”, I said, “I'm sure the bin enjoyed it”.
“Oh, I didn't throw it out”, she replied.

I was not amused. She had eaten the entire cake. When I ask why she hadn’t frozen any so I could have tried it - after all, it was my cake - she replied “it couldn't be frozen”.....

Yeah right !!!!

More to follow soon.

Take care,

Gertie xx

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