Saturday, 11 November 2017

Sewing room makeover

When Mr Gertie and I were house hunting all those years ago we had a list of ‘must haves’ like most people do. One of the requirements was the property must have at least three bedrooms as we both wanted a room that we could call our own.

I can’t remember how or why, but I ended up with the smallest of the three rooms....

During the 22 years we’ve been married ‘my room’ has been many things in its life:

A knitting room – I had three knitting machines
A knitting room-cum-office – I was now down to just the one knitting machine so I could have a computer to write my novel on
An office-cum-sewing room – the knitting machine had been replaced by a sewing machine
A sewing room-cum-office – the office part of the room was drastically reduced due to me now having three sewing machines

Things came to a head in March when I purchased yet another sewing machine the size of a small moon!! There was no way I could properly use my new toy with the room layout I currently had so Mr Gertie took some measurements and went off to do some room re-designing.

During the long weekend over Easter we spent the time renovating my workroom.

Although my room isn’t the prettiest of workrooms I now have a dedicated table for my new ‘moon’, an office desk for my computer, two large shelves, a bookcase and three new large wall units.

What's your sewing room like?

Take care.

Gertie xx

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