Sunday, 26 November 2017

Cake addict - part 3

Every Wednesday my mam used to meet up with some quilting friends for a sewing day at one of their houses. Lunch was usually sandwiches and some shop bought cake so I asked if she would like me to make her a couple of cakes. No need to guess what the answer was

A couple of weeks after I'd given her two cakes I asked if her friends enjoyed them. My mam went quiet.
“Did they not like them”, I asked, “I won't be upset if they did”.
“I ate them”, she replied.

Apparently she didn't have any cake in the house, and as there were two in the freezer, she just had to have them.

I was not happy. These cakes were for her friends, not her. Had she asked me to bake her some I would have, but to eat what didn't belong to her, was not acceptable. I issued her with a stern warning. I would make another two cakes for her friends but if she ate them then I would never make or give her any more.

She couldn’t take the chance that I was bluffing (I wasn’t. I really would have stopped giving her any) and as the thought of ending up cakeless was too much to bear, she had to behave. Or so I thought...

More to follow.

Take care

Gertie xx

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