Thursday, 9 November 2017

Hello again

I know, I know !!! I said in June that I was taking a break and I gave the impression that it would be for some time. I never thought I would be back after just five months.

There were a couple of reasons why I needed to take a break (I know I hadn’t been doing much blogging before that, but we’ll skip that part....):

I wanted to concentrate on Gertie’s Bags so a lot of my time this year has been devoted to it.

My physical health hasn’t been very good. My long term back problem makes it difficult to sit in one position for sometimes even short periods of time (not ideal when you are a sewer....), so I often spent my days just wandering the house. I also had surgery on my knee in July which put me out of action for quite a while.

I felt I had got out of the habit of blogging. Both this and my other blog (which I share with Mr Gertie) have suffered very badly from neglect. I’m the first to admit that I find social media difficult at times. I am a private, shy, person so telling the world what I’ve been up to etc doesn’t come naturally for me.

I do realise the irony in this – why have a blog in the first place. The blog I share with Mr Gertie was initially set up to let our friends, who are scattered across the UK, know what we’ve been up to seeing as we can’t always meet up that regularly. Having read lots of craft and baking blogs I saw that people actually liked to read about what others have been up to. I decided to give it a go myself (not easy when you don’t like being the centre of attention so the thought of ‘look what I’ve done’ terrified the life out of me!!!). However I didn’t think our joint blog was the right place to do so which is why I set up Gertie’s makes and bakes.

Since Mr Gertie retired from work there hasn’t really been the opportunity to bake, hence the lack of baking posts. When he was working once a fortnight I’d try a new baking recipe and his colleagues were delighted to help eat it. Sadly now there’s just the two of us we either have to eat it all ourselves or eat one piece then through the rest in the bin. The former is not good for the waistline and the latter is a criminal waste of good food. If my mam had been alive she would have willingly taken it off our hands as she was addicted to cake and biscuits*.

Whilst there won't be as many 'bakes' as there used to be, there will be plenty of 'makes' and other things as well. I look forward to your company once again and feel free to drop at 'hello' in the comments box as I'd love to hear from you.

Take care.


* I’ve a couple of good stories about her addiction to cake which I’ll blog about soon.

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